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Public security by Dussmann

Public security services with capable personnel who think on their feet

From trains and other forms of public transit to protecting parks and other public facilities, we want you to feel safe and secure wherever you may be. That’s why all Dussmann security personnel attend regular continuing education on public security services. De-escalation and communication training are especially important in this area.


Added value through our services

  • Trained staff de-escalate and keep things safe and secure
  • Regular continuing education

Our services in detail

  • Consistent, yet nuanced enforcement of rules at the client’s transit stations
  • Enhancing passengers’ subjective sense of security through preventive action to reduce the number of violations and criminal acts
  • Documenting any property damage identified on or in vehicles and facilities for the purpose of criminal prosecution and pursuit of civil claims
  • Reporting safety-related events (including banning of persons from the premises), incidents of damage and/or loss, and further matters
  • Protecting vehicles against dirt and malicious damage during operation
  • Distribution of informational materials, for example in the form of flyers distributed during particular situations (e.g., guidance for travelers)
  • Following the client’s specified procedure in the event that unattended objects are found
  • Providing active support to keep vehicles, facilities, and buildings in an appealing condition that conveys a sense of safety and security

  • Performing fare inspections on the basis of suspicion as part of measures to enforce the operator’s rules for the premises
  • Documenting violations of house rules for purposes of criminal prosecution
  • Providing first aid as necessary

  • Preparing documentation suitable for use in court in case of identified property damage and violations of house rules and disturbances of the peace with the objective of pressing criminal charges
  • Knowledge of fire safety regulations and handling of fire safety equipment
  • Monitoring and surveilling the entire grounds, particularly identifying and reporting hazards and performing checks with an eye to fire safety, the security of property, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health
  • Controlling and monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the grounds outside regular working hours
  • Checking into how long people have been on the premises and ensuring that no unauthorized persons are present – escorting unauthorized persons from the premises as appropriate, including with police assistance

  • Counteracting loitering and congregation by undesired persons at the client’s facilities
  • Documenting the occurrences in the electronic activity report
  • Necessary knowledge of reporting channels to do the job effectively
  • Taking action in situations that merit intervention

  • Regular inspection of coordinated exterior and interior areas at alternating inspection times
  • Locking controls of the objects
  • Locking and opening services according to business and absence times
  • Verification of the legitimacy of persons present
  • Inspection of interior spaces and facilities for target condition (emergency exits, windows and doors)
  • Preventive and defensive fire protection
  • Use of modern security technology
  • Uniform reporting and documentation of every operation

  • Use of a vehicle appropriate to the area as needed, by arrangement with the client
  • Independently removing accident risks or ensuring that there is adequate signage warning of accident risks

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With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. That goes for more than just public security services. We offer a wealth of different security services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from end-to-end documentation to services individually adjusted to your needs.